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Benefits of Joining Corvette Annapolis

National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) Membership

Corvette ANNAPOLIS is a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), which is a nationwide organization of Corvette Clubs. As part of your membership in Corvette Annapolis, you will become a member of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC). The NCCC provides educational programs, insurance coverage for events, standard rules for competitive car events and an Annual Convention for all registered Corvette Clubs.


Your NCCC membership provides you with a subscription to “Blue Bars” magazine, which is published every other month by NCCC, and it provides Corvette and Corvette Club news on a nationwide basis. Additionally, you will receive an NCCC patch, an NCCC window decal, and your NCCC membership card. Visit for more details.



Corvette Annapolis meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm. Meetings are held at local establishments. Please check our calendar to be sure.


Club Resources

While attending our monthly meetings, you will learn about both regional and national events and discover the many publications dedicated to the Corvette. If you need help with your car, chances are that a fellow member can offer assistance, or at least direct you to someone that can.


Club Activities

Corvette ANNAPOLIS has a very active activities committee, which offers events such as brunches, day trips, dinners, club picnic, Christmas party, and weekend trips.  

Please see our activities calendar for a list of activities planned for this year.


Other member benefits include:

  •  Technical Expertise

  •  Club Shirts, Jackets, Patches, Hats, and Car Decals for sale

  •  Website

  •  NCCC Competitive Events

  •  Club Points for Your Participation

  •  Club Awards

  •  Fun and Friendship

Maintaining your Club Membership

To maintain your membership in Corvette Annapolis you must renewal your dues annually and attend at least four (4) Club events including one (1) Club sponsored NCCC event. Corvette Annapolis generally offers a variety of Club events and NCCC events each year.

Member’s Information

Members are encouraged to keep the club informed of any changes such as phone number, address change, new e-mail address or a change in your corvette ownership. For your convenience the "Corvette Annapolis Member's Information Change Sheet" may be printed out and turned in at any club meeting. Click on the link above to access this form.

NCCC Competitive Events

NCCC sanctions hundreds of events each year that are hosted by other member clubs. Participants in these events, which usually consist of concours, rallyes or autocross activities, earn points toward NCCC annual championship trophies. Corvette Annapolis generally sponsors several NCCC events each year such as car shows and rallyes.  

Here is a brief description of the different NCCC events:


Concours Shows

From the term “concours d’elegance” literally a gathering of elegance.  A concours is a show competition in which Corvette’s are judged for cleanliness and/or authenticity. Classes by year include pure stock (concours), modified, street show, wash & show, race prepared, custom, and exhibition. NCCC points are awarded for entry, as well as, place.  


Fun Shows

A fun show is where Corvette owners can enter their car for show.  Classes are by year and the judging is done by fellow exhibitors.  NCCC points are awarded for entry only, regardless of show placement.



There are two types of Rallye’s: Gimmick and Poker

  • Gimmick: Events in which a team of a driver and navigator follow a list of clues and instructions to get from a starting point to a  finishing point. Unlike “time/speed/distance” rallye’s, these are more of the “seat of the pants” variety, relying on trick clues, questions, and other gimmicks to challenge participants. NCCC points are awarded for entry, as well as place.

  • Poker Run: A fun event in which a team of a driver and navigator follow instructions to get from a starting point to a finishing point. Along the way there will be card stops where the team chooses a playing card. The team with the highest poker hand wins. NCCC points are awarded for entry, as well as place.



Timed competition on a closed course designed to test the skill and reflexes of the driver as well as the Corvette’s acceleration, braking and handling. Autocross courses are set up with traffic pylons through which contestants must negotiate.  With only one on a course at a time, the objective is to complete the course in minimum time and with no penalties. Classes are based on engine compression, horsepower and/or modification. NCCC points are awarded for entry as well as place. These events are generally low-speed and held in a parking lot.


More information is available in your NCCC rule book.


Other Corvette Information Resources are located on the links page.


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