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Volunteer Instructions

General Notes:
Tom Morris (Owner of Chesapeake Car Wash and CA member) and his crew will set up the room and
buffet table for us the day of the meeting. 

Plan to provide:
1-2 cases of water
Main course with sides
(Dessert not required if Kim Lindquist is bringing a CA Members birthday cake)


Save your receipts for reimbursement from the club Treasurer. Before the meeting tell the Treasurer
and President how much to collect from each member who eats. This value typically ranges from $15 to $20 (but hopefully less). Please make every effort to hold down the cost.


There is a plastic bin in the same room where the food is served labeled Corvette Annapolis. Included in the bin are: Napkins, Paper plates, Plasticware (forks, knives, spoons, cups), and Foil chafing pans w/
wire racks. Sterno for heating chafing pans are available from Tom Morris.
Note: ask the restaurant to provide as much of those items as possible.

Some of the restaurants we’ve ordered from:

  • Italian Market

  • Mission BBQ

  • Capriotti’s

  • LaTolteca

  • The Hideaway

Variety is nice, so feel free to pick another. 


Most restaurants estimate too much food per person compared to how much is usually
consumed at the meetings. Example: Italian Market - tell them about 5 fewer people than expected so
that there isn’t a lot of leftovers. Mission BBQ and LaTolteca - maybe 2-3 fewer.
Two weeks before:
Send a reminder to the club membership about the date and ask for RSVP from those that will have
dinner. Email: .
Contact the restaurant you want to order from and state initial estimate is usually 25-30 people,
sometimes more. Will they deliver? Do they provide sterno warmers, serving utensils, plates, napkins,
plastic ware? 

​One week before:
Send another email reminder to the club asking for RSVP and any cancellations
Recommend to add 2-4 people to the order to allow for guests.
One or Two days before: 
Last call email to the club
Place the order with the restaurant (depending on their preference – may be earlier)

Day of the meeting:
Arrive between 5:30-6:00pm to meet delivery, or arrive before 6:00pm if you are delivering. Set up
buffet. Plan to have dinner ready around 6:00 so the meeting can start promptly at 7:00pm. Waters can
be put in the washer bins in the buffet room.

Note: providing ice for waters is your preference.

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